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Communication program

Our communication program has been developed by technicians with a wide experience in our sector, knowing the daily problems of our companies.

5 You can make any kind of consult in reference to more than 130.000 models, classified by mark and range of the product.
4 Free access to applications and original technical characteristics of over 25.000 integrated circuits by Philips, Thomson
3 You can ask for more than 130.000 manuals electronics and technical guides.
2 Instantaneous answer by 130.000 image files (.PDF, PPS, RAR), 300 GB, with a volume superior to the 3.500.000 digitalized pages with a DIN A3-A4 format from the more widely used technical manuals, considering as special interest:

Special Interest Information.
Ways of service-in for TVC and VTR

Manuals, quartering and mechanics codes
Hoist repair guide.
Classified technical solutions.
Technology training.

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