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Apite is the Industrial and Professional Association of Electronic Technicians most represented in Spain. Our Association invites you to a walk through our Web page to inform you about our activities, services and products, aimed at all professional electronic technicians.

Objetives of the organisation.

1 Create a strong and representative group in the sector of consume electronics
1 Help professionals with aid systems
1 Recycling courses related to all new technologies
1 Visits to the most representative industries in our sector and encourage exchange of initiatives.

Profile of the organisation. 

1 APITE is an association founded in 1983 to service all professionals in electronics.
(Consult our statutes)
APITE is a group represented by 400 companies of the sector, with over a 1200 professionals in brown line products repair.
APITE has a computer program via Internet-ADSL to consult technical manuals (Consult application data) of TV, VCR, Video Cameras and HI-FI systems, paying attention to SPECIAL INTEREST subjects.
APITE   acts as an Arbitrator with the board of consumers aid the professional in front of  consumer claims.

Contact information.

You can contact Apite for further information either by our E-mail.


. Asociación Profesional Industrial de Técnicos en Electrónica - Barcelona - Spain - Telf. 609331276

.Industrial and Professional Association the Electronics Technicians - Barcelona - Spain - Telf. +34 609331276