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Industrial and Professional Association of Electronic Technicians.

  Key advantages     
1      Defense and arbitration in front of the Board of Consumers.
1      Agency for bealing with government departments + financial + economical advice.

1       Publications of our Association.
1       Identification board of our group for your shop window.
1       Request for technical manuals.
1       Valid professional card to get discounts arranged with our suppliers.
1       Pre printed invoices deposit cheques + budgets.
1       Product packing bags with the association logo.
1       Brand and suppliers directory for spare parts location.
1       Ask for updated legislation.
1       Ask for participation and Arbitration for the board of consumers.
1       Ask for wall posters with prices.
1       Ask for wall posters of the user’s rights
1      Ask for Claim sheets
1      Technical library

1       Active participation in Arbitration for replica mulberry bags the board of consumers.
1       Totally professional hermes replica organization
1       25 years at the service of professional louis vuitton replica electronic technicians.
1       You have to your disposition the greater technical solution and data base of technical manual.

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77 Euros. Quarterly

If these convinced of the advantages of integrarte in our professional organization, write a e-mail.

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1 Then you have to fill your corporate information.
1 Print the form and send it to us clicking "Sendform by email".
3 If you want more information, note it down in "Observations" and we will contact you.
2 If your Acrobat Reader requests you for a update, do it and you will have the last version totally free.